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It doesn’t sound right, does it?

I mean, we’re supposed to feel lucky if we can keep even some of our past shape and strength by the time we hit 50.

But I’m well over 50 and transforming my body more easily than EVER.

And you’d have never gotten me to believe I’d do this 30 years ago.


Because back then I was struggling so much trying to build my body. I was so frustrated that I didn’t just want to “throw in the towel”;

… I wanted to throw a 45-pound barbell plate through the plate-glass window at the front of the gym.

I was completely fed up with it all.

If You’ve had Trouble Improving Your Body, it’s NOT Your Fault

Frankly, you and I have been given bad information.

But it’s not by way of conspiracy. It’s because the informers have been misinformed. Most everyone in the body improvement industry is ‘training’ badly.

Is that a bold statement?

Not really. As you relax now and read these words, you’ll realize what I’m saying is obvious if you just look closely at bodybuilding and fitness.

I’ve been training in one of Southern California’s top bodybuilding gyms for 30 years now. I’ve seen a pattern play out over and over again. It goes like this…

A wanna-be fitness fanatic or bodybuilder joins the gym and begins training with one of a dozen common routines. They make very slow progress… then NO progress.

In frustration, this person joins the small cadre of trainers and trainees who use bodybuilding drugs. The wanna-be ‘fitness star’ does his/her vital cycle or two of anabolic steroids.

With steroids, they build their bodies FAST and impressively.

Now… he or she has the ‘nice body’ that screams “Fitness Expert.” It’s time to use that body as a billboard to sell personal training.

So now we’ve got a person with a drug-built body training people with drug-free bodies by way of orthodox routines that only work if you’re using drugs.

Is it any wonder why people are misled, confused, and frustrated?

The same thing happens with bodybuilding magazines. They have page after page of glossy pics showing drug-built bodies. They print workout routines that would only work with the help of steroids.

Does this sound like I’m exaggerating?

Listen, I’ve been around this industry too long. I know even the most subtle signs of steroid use.

… And their use is rampant.

I’m a life-time natural bodybuilder. But I’m not self-righteous about it. My point is NOT that people are wrong to use steroids (although they’re illegal without prescription).

What they do with their own bodies is their business.

My point is ONLY that their training routines, quite frankly… are a WASTE OF TIME.

I’m claiming that in order to make gains without drugs, we need to train and rest in a very different way than how many people are doing it – which only works with drugs.

But back to the main point: If you’ve been fed up by your lack of progress despite everything you’ve tried, do not fret. It’s not your fault.

And be happy because things can change for the BETTER, starting with a download of my Free Report.

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  • 6 little-known tips for a man to build bigger, stronger muscles after age 40.
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  • 5 food additives that can help get your body leaner and healthier.
  • Why I’m stronger and leaner at 54 than I was at 44, and why I was stronger and leaner at 44 than at 34.

… And much more.

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Muscular development and strength grains from resistance training programs may vary among people due to factors such as genetic predisposition and individual effort in adherence to such training programs. There is no guarantee of specific results.