How I’ve gotten Stronger and More Muscular at 54 than I EVER was at 24

and the Strange Formula I’m Using that YOU can Copy… Having Everyone in Your Life Wondering WHAT on Earth You’re doing to Look so Good

Dear Reader,

What if I show you how your best body could be on its way if you’re over 30 years of age?

What if I could provide a way for you to be stronger, leaner, and more muscular at over 40 than you ever were in your youth?

If I now show you how I can give you that and more… would you take a peek inside a book in which I reveal this incredible formula?

Better yet, would you grab your copy of the book for FREE?

It doesn’t sound right, does it? We’re supposed to feel lucky if we can keep even some of our past shape and strength by the time we hit 50.

And you’d have never gotten me to believe it 30 years ago.


Because back then I was struggling so much trying to build my body. I was so frustrated that I didn’t just want to “throw in the towel”;

… I wanted to throw a 45-pound barbell plate through the plate-glass window at the front of the gym.

Does that sound like an overreaction?

I never did that. But you get my point. I felt that kind of deep frustration that’s so rooted – it gives you a knot in your stomach.

I’ll bet you’ve felt that way about something before… haven’t you?

There I was in my mid-twenties, in my prime, trying EVERYTHING that the “experts” of bodybuilding tell you to do.

“Thanks for the best workout information I have ever had!

I am 41 and I got great comments on my body while in Cabo over Thanksgiving! I now have my wife on your program…”

Scott Fritz
Las Vegas, Nevada

And it wasn’t working.

I followed the “diets”…

… Those “eating plans” that have you pulling cute little tupper-wear containers out of coolers and opening them to the aroma of ‘stinky’ food that’s supposed to be healthy.

I followed the “routines”…

… The ones that keep making your muscles sore but don’t make ANY difference to the reflection you see in the mirror, even after months or years of using them.

I did this stuff religiously… for years and years. What’d it get me?

Tiny muscle and strength gains combined with a LOT of wasted time and money. Add to that the gut-wrenching letdown I felt from never realizing what I was promised.

Things are different now, and I mean REALLY different. I’ve gained youthful strength and power that younger guys envy. I keep gaining muscle size to whatever degree I want… steadily… predictably.

Let me tell you, the way things are now is a lot more fun.

But with my background of earlier struggle, you can understand why I relate to any skepticism you might feel.

But please hear me out.

You’ll realize more and more as you’re reading this that you now have exciting body changes awaiting you if you’ll suspend your disbelief.

If You’ve had Trouble Improving Your Body, it’s likely NOT Your Fault

Frankly, you and I have been given bad information.

But it’s not by way of conspiracy. It’s because the informers have been misinformed. Most everyone in the body improvement industry is ‘training’ ineffectively.

Is that a bold statement?

Not really. As you relax now and read these words, you’ll realize what I’m saying is obvious if you just look closely at bodybuilding and fitness.

I’ve been training in one of Southern California’s top bodybuilding gyms for 30 years now. I’ve seen a pattern play out over and over again. It goes like this…

“I like your ideas and you CAN’T have it back! It’s really good!

I received your material and have done about four cycles on the program so far. I am having a LOT LESS joint pain with your instructions incorporating proper rest than I was following somebody else’s program that was starting to really wear on my various body parts. Your program is very scientific and progressive, providing long-term direction. ”

Owen Jasek
La Grange, IL

A wanna-be fitness fanatic or competitive bodybuilder joins the gym and begins training with one of a dozen common routines. They make very slow progress… then NO progress.

In frustration, this person befriends the small cadre of trainers and trainees who use bodybuilding drugs. The wanna-be ‘fitness star’ does his/her vital cycle or two of anabolic steroids.

Now… he or she has the proverbial ‘nice body’ that screams “Fitness Expert.” It’s time to use that body as a billboard to sell personal training services.

So now we’ve got a person with a drug-built body training people with drug-free bodies by way of orthodox routines that only work if you’re using drugs.

Is it any wonder why people are misled, confused, and frustrated?

The same scenario plays out within the bodybuilding magazines. Those contain page after page of glossy pics showing drug-built bodies. Within the text are printed workout routines that would only work with the aid of steroids.

Does this sound like I’m generalizing or exaggerating?

It’s not by a long shot. I’ve been around this industry too long. I know even the most subtle telltale signs of drug use.

… And their use is rampant.

I am absolutely a life-time natural bodybuilder. But I’m not self-righteous about it. My point is NOT that people are wrong to use steroids. What they do with their own bodies is their business.

My only point is that in order to make gains without drugs, we need to train and recuperate in a drastically different way than how everyone’s doing it – which only works with the help of drugs.

But back to the main point: If you’ve been fed up by your lack of progress despite everything you’ve tried, do not fret. It’s not your fault.

… And be happy because things are about to change for the better.

I want to show you…

Muscle Building Strategies that make Average People into Human Powerhouses

Before I tell you more about my strange formula, let me share a revelation.

Years ago (decades really), I listened to Tony Robbins on tape. There’s something he says that’s become true for me. He says (paraphrased)…

If you focus long enough and hard enough on a certain skill or endeavor, you eventually make key distinctions that create major breakthroughs. Those breakthroughs give you expertise.”

With bodybuilding, I finally broke through after extreme frustration put a vital fork in the road for me.

And let me tell you how frustrated I was.

Do you think you have lousy muscle building genetics? My muscles seemed absolutely resistant to growth and strength gains.

… They seemed to not just stay stuck, but oftentimes move backward in progress.

Backward! What the hell was wrong with me?

Regardless, I would either quit, or I’d try some stuff that’s so different, it goes totally against conventional wisdom.

Since I didn’t want to quit something I felt passionate about, I went with the second choice; I decided to try muscle building tactics that NOBODY even considers.

Let me give you an example of just one of those tactics. I’ll start by asking a question:

Have you ever worked out with weights for a long time and then taken a short layoff… like when you went on a vacation?

If so, did you fear that when you’d return to the weights, you’d have lost strength – moved backward in progress?

But… when you came back… you were STRONGER?

I’ve heard so many people tell me they’ve experienced that. They’ll say…

“I’m making progress like I was 20 instead of 50!

Scott, I have enjoyed your insights and this is the 1st time I have made steady, ever increasing progress, and I could not be more thrilled. Thanks for the information and encouragement.”

Owen Jasek
La Grange, IL

Wow, I took a two week vacation and didn’t work out at all. I came back thinking I’d be weaker, but I was stronger.”

What’s strange is that when that happens, we don’t take the clue and run with it. We normally just go back to working out with the same schedule we were on…

… When we WEREN’T making progress.


Why do we do THAT?

Strangely, I’ve taken extremely long rest periods between working each of my muscles.

How’d my muscles react to that?

Incredibly! They became stronger and bigger.

Here’s why…

There’s a Scientific Reason we get STRONGER (instead of weaker) When We Take Short Layoffs from Workouts

I used to have my own theories about why this happens. I still think they might hold water… at least partially.

But the main reason it happens is because of this thing called mTOR (pronounced “em-tor”). That’s an acronym for mammalian target of rapamycin.

It’s just fancy wording for the molecular machinery of protein synthesis (muscle repair)

When we want to gain strength and muscle, mTOR is our best friend. We want to do everything we can to maximize mTOR.

… And we want to do everything we can to get rid of things that obstruct mTOR.

Well, as you sit there reading this, you might be realizing what’s been discovered as a BIG obstruction to mTOR.

That’s right; you guessed it… frequent workouts.

A scientific study revealed that a string of frequent (weekly) workouts eventually STOPS mTOR!

That answers a lot of questions… wouldn’t you agree?

It tells us why when we start working out, we make great progress. Then after a few weeks or months, the progress comes to a grinding halt.

My experimentation with infrequent workouts has shown me that this halt in progress DOES NOT need to happen. Neither does its accompanying frustration.

By going against the grain, I’ve found that you and I can make all the strength and muscle gains we desire… ANY time we want for as long as we want.

There’s another ‘Hidden Monster’ working against our Muscle and Strength. Slash it… and Your Stronger and more Youthful Body Arises

So maximizing mTOR builds muscle…

… And part of doing that means reducing things that blunt mTOR.

That makes sense… right?

But there’s something else that needs to be knocked down in order for you and me to see and feel non-stop muscle growth.

It’s a protein called myostatin. This stuff literally puts the breaks on gains of strength and muscle.

Our bodies actually need some myostatin. If we didn’t have it, our muscles would grow so fast that our tendon strength wouldn’t keep up and we’d have big problems.

But as we get older, we both know how everything that’s supposed to be up goes down… and everything that’s supposed to be down goes up.

It seems to be no different with myostatin; it gets too high. This is one of the reasons that our muscles tend to get smaller with age.

Lifting weights actually reduces myostatin. That’s good!

But too high of myostatin slows muscle building progress that we’re seeking by weight training. That’s bad!

That’s bad because it causes us to waste precious time and energy.

The good news is that there are safe and natural ways to reduce myostatin, leading to excitingly better progress.

Here’s the GREAT news: Increase mTOR at the same time as you reduce myostatin and your dream body is right around the corner.

Does that sound good?

Believe me… it is.

Combine Higher mTOR and Lower Myostatin with a Cutting-Edge Workout Method and Your Body can get Better and Better… Non-Stop

That’s right, it’s a synergistic thing.

When each component of a system works to reinforce and enhance the others, the effects can be awesome.

That’s synergism; the effect of the combined components is greater than the sum of their individual effects.

Before I added the latest stuff, I was already onto a very powerful bodybuilding routine. It’s much better than anything else out there that I’d tried.

And believe me… I’ve tried them all.

… I’ve done all the “split routines”, working each of my muscles as often as three times a week and as little as once-a-week.

Back in the 90s, I tried everything from the Mike Mentzer Heavy Duty System to the Leo Costa Bulgarian Power Burst System.

BTW, that Bulgarian system by Costa had me doing two workouts per day, six days a week. That was when I was in my 20s. Not only were my muscles totally destroyed… my social life was SHOT.

In the long run, none of that stuff worked, and I mean NONE of it. And I worked it; I was dedicated as you could get.

What finally did start working for me was a rare workout system that’s still almost completely unknown.  It was from an obscure bodybuilding course called the Time, Volume, Efficiency Program.

Yeah, I know… not exactly a sexy title. Maybe that’s why almost nobody paid attention to it.

But using that weird system as my foundation, I’ve tweaked things and added elements that have made my version incredibly effective.

Combined with myostatin reduction/mTOR enhancement I’ve developed something that works like gangbusters for mature muscle builders.

My System took a Decade to Develop. It Works because it’s actually… refreshingly, Different than Anything Else

It might be easy to tolerate all the shirtless muscle gurus on YouTube if it weren’t for one thing…

… You get hold of their workout material and there’s nothing new under the sun. It’s the same generic stuff being pumped out by everyone… with only minor variations.

Not so with the powerful secrets I’ve been keeping a wrap on for years. I’ve divulged some of them in my first book, titled ‘HardBody Success.’

That book sold thousands of copies and I received countless emails of gratitude from readers who used the system.

People who’d been frustrated with years of fruitless attempts at improving their bodies suddenly found themselves with the power to make it happen.

Do you know what that feels like? It’s awesome! It gives you a feeling of control over your destiny of how you look and feel. 

But I’ve improved on the HardBody Success formula by leaps and bounds. It was just a starting point on which greater things could be built.

I’ve added another decade of research and experiments that have led to exciting new breakthroughs.

For example, I’ve added mTOR enhancing supplements as well as one supplement that inhibits myostatin. These took what was already working like gangbusters and just added rocket fuel to it.

My Training System Works by doing Exactly the Opposite of what every other Training System does.

Everybody keeps telling us to vary our training. They say “mix it up” in order to make progress with muscle building.

They’ve even created a pseudo-scientific name for it – “muscle confusion.”

But I’ll let you in on something. I did this for over a decade and noticed it actually does absolutely NOTHING.

That’s right, mixing up your routine by doing arbitrary exercise in the gym is the biggest waste of time you could engage in.

Actually, with what I know now… I’d choose to not work out at all over going to the gym and doing random routines.

That’s ‘coz there are many things I value in life besides a strong body. If I know I’m engaging in activity that’s not productive, I’d rather use that time to do something else.

…I guess you could say I’m very ‘results oriented.’

Anyway, at the same time everyone tells you to “mix up your routine”… they also have you following rigid workout schedules.

That’s the status quo… right? That’s the “undeniable”, orthodox way to train with weights; you work out on blankety-blank days of the week and you rest on X,Y, and Z days.

But let’s just ask a really crazy question…

Why shouldn’t the gym workout routines be rigid and the rest days between workouts… flexible?

Just hear me out and my question will make more and more sense to you.

Muscles have no mind of their own; they’re just tissue. They have no idea what day of the week it is.

…If you work your biceps today, they have no idea that they need to be stronger by next Tuesday.

And if they’re not stronger by your next scheduled time to work them – which is almost ALWAYS to soon – they won’t grow and you’ve just wasted more time and effort.

If you’re results oriented like I am, then wasting time and effort really sucks.

But back to my point: Our muscles don’t take ‘special instruction’ to be stronger by a certain day just ‘coz that’s the day of the week we’ve scheduled them to be worked.

… And since most everyone makes their weight training routines into a random variable of mixed duration and intensity, the tissue has even less chance to be stronger on a rigid schedule.

In other words… this whole thing is backwards… and THAT is why you’ve been struggling.

Does that mean I’m saying you should follow any rigid exercise routine in the gym and then just work each muscle whenever you feel like it?

No… I’m not saying that.

What I am saying is this…

The first thing you need for success is to determine the best number of rest days given a specific degree of stress put on your muscles by an exact muscle building routine.

Whatever that number is… go with it. If it’s 12 days, it doesn’t matter that the ‘high priests’ of bodybuilding say that’s “too many rest days; your muscles will shrink

… You follow what your body tells you and you take 12 days of rest.

Believe me, if you train your muscle effectively… they will NOT shrink or get weaker.

They’ll get stronger and bigger for as long as you want them to ‘coz the pattern follows a path that looks like this…

Here are Just a Few of the Incredible Benefits you’ll Gain when Using my Unique Method of Building Muscle

  • You’ll know exactly what to do when you go to the gym or work out on your home equipment.
  • You’ll know how those ‘workout objectives’ will lead step-by-step to a stronger and more muscular body.
  • You’ll quickly and easily unravel the mysteries of natural bodybuilding that will unleash the power for you to improve your body whenever you want.
  • You’ll realize almost immediately that you have the tools and resources to build muscle as you get older while most people helplessly lose muscle.
  • You’ll know the difference between a “good workout” and a successful workout, and why the successful ones are the ONLY type that improves your body.
  • You’ll get access to a formula that will easily tell you how successful your workouts are. You’ll then know how to tweak them for maximum improvement and non-stop gains.
  • You’ll see a detailed but easy-to-follow method of eating that will allow you to side-step all of the fad diets that come and go because it transcends all that stuff.
  • You’ll realize how easy it is to “cut up” and get lean whenever you want to show your body in striated detail.
  • You’ll quickly learn and know your body better than ANY personal trainer you’d have hired EVER could.
  • You’ll feel that sense of pride that comes from knowing you can build the strength and muscle you want without steroids… or testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)… or whatever.
  • You’ll gain a sense of confidence in your physical self, and a sense of power in knowing you can self-improve whenever you want and to whatever degree you choose.

Here’s who My System is for, and who it’s NOT for…

This unique and powerful system of muscle building is not for everyone. I will be the first person to point that out.

For example, it’s really only for you if you’re ‘product oriented’ with regard to the goals you want in life. It’s not for you if you’re ‘process oriented.’

What do I mean by that?

Let me explain with an example. If your sole purpose for working out is to get to the gym, exert a lot of energy, release endorphins, and ‘feel good’ ‘coz you finished a workout, then you are process oriented

… It’s the process of going through motion and exerting energy that you’re really chasing.

If you’re that type, this is probably not for you.

But if your sole reason for working out is to create your head-turning stronger and more muscular body, then you’re product oriented.

…Your goals are aimed at an end product you want to have and the process (working out) is just stepping stones that take you there.

… And this is definitely for you.

Don’t get me wrong. Those of us who’re product oriented definitely enjoy the process of working out as much as anyone. But the workouts are a means to an end – not the end itself.

In fact, we product oriented people might enjoy our process steps (workouts) even more than the process oriented people do.

That’s because when workouts are done in a way that’s proven to lead to an exciting product (a better body), doing them becomes so much more rewarding.

If you’re ready to finally Stop Wasting Time, Money, and Effort trying to build Your Body, You need to Snatch up Your Copy of My Insider Secrets

I know that sounds a bit corny… calling them “insider secrets.”

But there’s truth in me calling them that, because only a handful of people and I are aware of what earth I’m doing to build muscle. I definitely don’t go telling everyone about it.

“Why”… you ask?

Number one: I’m not sure I want everyone knowing about it. Believe me, when you have a personal method that you know can give you a powerful edge…

…You suddenly DON’T want it to become known by everyone. If that happens, you no longer have an edge.

Number two:  Many of the few people I do share it with might initially dismiss some of the methods. They’ve been told by the bodybuilding ‘powers-that-be’ to think there are some ‘rules’ you just don’t break.

That’s fine; I’d rather this be something shared by only a few – keeping it ‘elite’, if you will.

And it is elite information, the kind of stuff that will allow you to really learn your body better than ANY personal trainer could ever know it.

For example, I’ll show you a concept I call ‘micro-feedback.’ When you really learn to use this simple and easy-to-understand technique… you’ll gain so much POWER to transform your body.

You can then share that with other people you want to help…

… Or you can just tuck that knowledge away, keeping it as your personal secret weapon in the battle against an otherwise aging body.

If you hire a ‘Personal Trainer’, He or She will say My System is Crazy and Won’t Work… Then Charge You $60.00 Per Hour…

… To show you the same tired-out predictable nonsense that only works if you’re on steroids or other muscle building drugs.

One exception: If you live in Los Angeles… they’ll charge you $100.00 an hour for that generic instruction.

If I charged you $100 per hour to give you this information in person, you’d think it was a steal in the long run. The benefits would save you much more in time, money, and heartache.

Since it would take me at least 10 hours of instruction and another 5 hours of demonstration on equipment… it’d cost you $1,500.00

… And for that, you’ll get information that blows away the short-lived ‘high’ you’d get spending fifteen hundred bucks on a trainer.

Imagine getting all the tools you need to create the body of your dreams whenever you want or need to… and grabbing them in ‘one fell swoop.’

I’ll be teaching the details of this Unique System in a Pricey Video Course. But if You Act FAST, You’ll grab it ALL for FREE…

Why am I giving it away free?

Because frankly, I want your testimonial about the book if you discover you love the content that’s inside.

When you quickly discover how powerfully effective it is… your testimonial about it will be much appreciated.

… But if you don’t absolutely love it, you can simply email me ANY time within 60 days and I’ll refund ALL the shipping costs.

“I have received my book from you and have almost finished it. First, let me congratulate you, it is fantastic. It’s far above any others I have read, and I have read and bought many in my 50 + years of training and interest in bodybuilding. You sure know your stuff…..Well done!!!!”

Ron Kehoe
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

That’s right… you don’t even have to send the book back; you can keep it as a gift just for putting your faith in me.

Why am I taking all the risk off you and putting it on me?

… Because I’m extremely confident in what I’m offering. I know that most everything else out there ends up a bust and doesn’t work. I guarantee that this method is different and it DOES work.

But I need one more thing from you in order to send you your FREE book.

I’d like you to answer just a quick few questions about your body improvement needs on the following page.

Once you’ve done that, just pay a few bucks for shipping and I’ll get a fresh copy of the book in the mail to you immediately.

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Here’s to getting your body youthfully strong, lean, and muscular again.

To Your Success,

Scott Abbett